The future of the CMO:
certain death or rebirth?

24 April 2019
It’s tough to be a chief marketing officer these days.

The channel proliferation that started 20 years ago has not only failed to abate, but it seems to be accelerating. Born-in-the-cloud disruptors are redefining customer expectations for all categories. Meanwhile, Amazon threatens, Pac-Man-like, to gobble up sectors whole.

You try to move the needle, but the board is requiring the kind of business cases normally reserved for big capital expenditure investments before allowing even the most modest innovation initiatives. Yet the board is holding you more accountable for driving business results with a marketing budget that is shrinking every year.

And with average CMO tenure hovering at 18 months, shorter-term impact and making due with what you have now make more sense anyway. In fact, one report suggested that CMOs are the first to blame when companies miss growth goals.