Transforming The Marketing Model For Tobacco In Japan


Japan is the second most valuable tobacco market in the world. As in many other markets, legislation will restrict the promotion of tobacco brands. Age-verified, permission-based marketing will be the only approved marketing approach in this “dark” market.

Our Client’s tobacco brand is the market leader in the menthol segment. Because of the new marketing rules, they needed new methods to address and market to millions of customers legally, at scale and in a valuable way.


We conducted a segmentation study to identify key lifestyle trends by segment. This enabled the development of detailed customer journeys driven by the research insights. From this we were able to  develop the a new brand concept and program which is 100% online and permission-based.  It is delivered via the New Marketing Model developed specifically for our Client. A detailed business and ROI model was designed to justify the significant investment in the New Marketing Model and the Automation technology required to implement it. This gave a conservative ROI projection of breakeven by year 2. The program has launched and is tracking to exceed targets.