Transformation Digital Experience Globally


Historically, A global pharma Company’s web presence has been hampered by costly site implementations, created under inefficient timelines that did not meet business or customer needs. Decentralized governance of hundreds of pharmaceutical product sites led to disjointed user experiences, with brand and style standards being applied inconsistently across the globe. Our Client needed a design system that would save time, effort, and resources, so they could build and maintain sites that delivered consistent user experiences, while meeting the needs of a wide range of audiences (e.g. patients, HCPs, disease states, business unit sites).


Our Digital Transformation team is creating a modular design system for the Global Brand comprised of flexible components and templates that can be implemented across all their global sites.  We are linking this to a measurement strategy to assess impact towards business KPIs. The strategic approach to this initiative is providing the client with efficiency, consistency, and alignment with regulatory requirements across the enterprise, while flexing to adapt to different brand and user needs across global markets.

Our work is reducing the risk of regulatory non-compliance, improving the experience for both consumers and HCPs, and delivering both cost- and time-saving efficiencies in the process of creating new sites and maintaining existing ones.

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