Driving Online Subscription Demand Through Marketing Automation


In 2015, our client, an entertainment Company, launched a new Direct-to-Consumer business where customers subscribed to the Company without requiring a cable subscription. This was an opportunity to engage with customers on a more personalized level, yet the Brand lacked the necessary marketing infrastructure to acquire, retain and grow these customer relationships. Ogilvy Consulting partnered with Verticurl (U.S.) to determine the best in class Marketing Automation Platform for the Client’s needs.


We selected and integrated the platform with back-end systems to ensure all necessary customer and behavioral data was available for segmented campaigns. We then developed dynamic creative templates and loaded content for personalized experiences in order to drive programming demand and repeat subscriptions.

Over 500,000 new customers have been acquired since launch, and are receiving personalized content based on their viewing behavior and interests. Full message coordination across email, mobile and web channels was executed to drive further engagement. Conversion to paid subscription is at 57% and rising.

We continue to provide an on-demand and scalable platform for our Client to manage all campaign activity, provide reports and insights, and optimize campaigns.