Creating The Shopping Center Of Tomorrow


Our Client is a Paris real estate firm that owns numerous properties, including an outlet shopping center in the affluent, travel destination of Bordeaux. A decade after the launch, the surroundings and the city of Bordeaux had changed dramatically. The outlet concept no longer appealed to customers or brands. Facing low traffic infrequent purchase cycles, low occupancy, and rising rent prices, the Company needed a radically new course for this asset, Ogilvy Consulting was asked to develop several different business concepts, and to prioritize the most viable business model and concept to rejuvenate this shopping center.


The first requirement was an analysis of the new socio-economic dynamics in Bordeaux, to identify the best potential new customer segments. We then developed a completely new business model, concept and design and reinvented customer experience based on the insights we uncovered.

Ogilvy Consulting helped our Client to understand both their existing and future clients by running quantitative and qualitative analysis on the Bordeaux population and applying ethnography techniques. We challenged the Organization’s perception of its industry, inspiring them with the most innovative retail business model and cases. Once the high value customer segments were identified, as well as their currently unmet needs, Our Client selected a new retail concept. We continue to work with this Real Estate firm to implement the new brand proposition.