Growing 5x In 5 Years Through Retail Format & Geographic Focus


Our Client Group is a traditional Chinese dining collective in China. It has been in the market for almost 22 years, particularly successful in Beijing with a solid customer base. As the millennial market becomes the main source of growth, our Client faced a challenge in meeting the increasing demands of the younger audience. This target is trading up and seeks stylish and high quality dining services. Lacking a strong brand, the right organizational structure, and an effective marketing system, The dining group needed a new brand strategy, new products, and new services to attract and convince the millennial, especially in the tier 1 and tier 2 cities. With an ambition to grow revenue five times in five years, the Company needed a clear and executable growth strategy with suggestions on mix of retail format and geographic focus.


Ogilvy Consulting supported the dining collective in developing the overall portfolio strategy based on the market size analysis of 5 key regions, a competitive analysis, and insights from Chinese millennial through extensive quantitative research.

With inputs from key business owners and stakeholders, we helped clients to define the business growth strategy and roadmap for the next five years, including how to deploy their new services and products, with a new portfolio strategy on retail format in the five key regions in China.