Reframing The Brand Communication Landscape


An iconic Motor Brand in the center of the cultural zeitgeist, had to face two challenges: how to grow and reach more consumers without losing edginess and mindshare; and how to act in a highly-competitive environment with new, and even more similar players, without losing its unique identity.

To address these challenges, the Company needed to reframe its marketing approach. It was not “just” about more lifestyle or edgier communication. It was about defining a credible concept within the world of urban mobility and the rising need to understand and integrate target audience interdependencies that are business growth levers.


Ogilvy Consulting is advising our Client in the set-up of a new marketing communication framework. This new approach provides a vision for a new and open brand platform concept, able to reconnect all relevant entities within the brand communication landscape and rebalance the target audience connections. By shifting the business perspective from ownership focus to “user-ship” understanding, we are optimizing the buy-in factor for potential customers by redesigning the reference target group model. The core of the strategy is a new logic to create desirability and brand preference.

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