Applying Rapid Prototyping Innovation Model


A Global food and beverage Company runs a digital transformation program to strengthen its Digital Transformation agenda. Every 8 months, a new group of Company talents (the Digital Acceleration Team) work to bring Innovation to Life through a specific innovation program, working with the SVIO, Open Innovation initiatives and key brand leaders.

Following our initial success in driving growth for the Client’s beverage brand, Ogilvy Consulting was asked to design a specific Innovation program to empower DAT members, Client brands and SBUs. The program would help DAT members in curating, ideating, and developing innovative services, new business models and strategies to driving valuable growth.


The innovation hothouse was created to help rapidly innovate beyond the product – around customer service layers – and deliver a real competitive advantage for the Client’s Brands.

This ‘Inside Out’ approach looks at identifying business challenges while serving as the connective tissue to leverage existing infrastructure, technology and service design. This unique program fuses Design Thinking methodologies with a creative ‘Hackathon’ approach aimed at producing prototypes faster, test scenarios and business cases through a program of applied innovation.

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