Optimizing A Complex Industrial Brand Portfolio


This complex house of Industrial brands created new brands each time their engineers developed a new material. Over the decades this resulted in 22,000 trademarks which became both inefficient and ineffective as a go-to-market strategy.  Ogilvy Consulting was challenged to rationalize this large set of brands and products for the future.


We conducted a detailed brand assessment for each of the 13 Client business units. This included global interviews, competitor and best practices analysis and customer research. Different brand architecture scenarios were developed and evaluated to determine their financial impact on the organization.

The ‘Range Brand’ portfolio architecture was identified as the solution which would add the greatest financial value to the corporation. It provided significant savings in marketing budgets and trademark management through consolidation of brands and major revenue growth opportunities by presenting a more compelling offer to the markets. The new brand architecture is being applied business unit by business unit, spurred by our Client’s splits and spin-offs.

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