Shaping a winning brand value proposition


A leading B2C technology Company is not as well known for B2B solutions after years as a dominant consumer electronics competitor. Overall low perception of the Brand’s role in a business context, lower product preference level, and a low service awareness contribute to a brand gap.  Only a very small amount of relevant B2B leads have been generated to date.

The challenge for our Client was to become a relevant player in a highly-competitive environment, connecting modern marketing requirements with technologically-savvy offerings to capitalize on the global potential of the B2B market.


To change this situation, Ogilvy Consulting concentrated on two things: we integrated marketing automation and demand-generation into our approach, routing leads through the right nurturing process and using best-in-class marketing technology and tactics to boost our Client’s B2B sales.

We developed a clear messaging architecture based on an advanced segmentation model in order to launch a high-profile target audience marketing program, and align the relevant ambitions and tactics with the right audiences. This requires capturing the right customer data, driving qualifying leads and nurturing them to be both efficient and effective.

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