Launching a $28Bn merger of 
two global insurance brands


The merger of two Global Insurance Brands brought together complementary businesses. The newly integrated Brand team had mere weeks to prepare for a global brand launch once approval by the SEC and other global regulatory agencies was achieved.

While one of the original Companies was a well respected brand in high net worth insurance, it was relatively unknown outside the U.S.. The other original Brand had lower awareness and meaning, but was respected in B2B circles especially for its “can do” spirit and strong culture. The challenge we faced was how to build meaning behind a new Brand that built on the strengths of the original Company while infusing it with the forward looking energy of the merging partner.


Ogilvy Consulting worked hand-in-hand with COLLINS on brand design, and the larger Ogilvy group to craft an ownable brand platform that introduced the new Brand as a global leader, across B2B and B2C in eight countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Ongoing tracking has quantified platform success and continues to inform campaign optimizations, boost awareness, and consideration.

Our Client continues to be one of the insurance industry’s most recognized and successful brands.

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