Moving From Mass Marketing To Personalized Consumer Experience


One of the world’s leading Consumer Goods Companies identified a crisis point in its marketing model. The traditional mass marketing approach was no longer engaging the modern consumer. A new approach was urgently needed to connect in a digital world. The solution would need to apply to multiple brands and be scaled to run in multiple markets globally.


Ogilvy Consulting developed a process that would enable the adoption of new technology and the development of new marketing strategy and implementation practices worldwide.

Working with the global senior leadership team we first helped align the vision and business case for this significant transformation to Personal Consumer Experience (PCE).  We developed a tool that would enable every brand in every market to evaluate its  PCE opportunity and priorities. Through custom-designed PCE workshop toolkits, we enabled brands and markets to turn vision into reality, creating a roadmap for change and integrated this into their integrated marketing planning.

Ogilvy Consulting is now helping to implement this process around the world with over 20 pilots now running.

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