Transforming Marketing With Systematic Investment And Process Strategy


The leading B2B Networking Brand globally, faced difficult challenges in China, amidst an internal digital transformation affecting the organization, services / software, and ways of working.

Our Client’s marketing team wanted to reexamine the efficiency of its marketing activity to determine marketing investment, establish clear definition of return, and set up win-win goals for Marketing and Sales. The goal is to agree on common objectives, identify a systematic way to allocate budget for various marketing activities (e.g. branding, demand generation), to optimize investment and to maximize impact.


Ogilvy Consulting developed a systematic and repeatable approach for the Networking Brand: business diagnostic, gap analysis for goals vs. ambition, marketing opportunity assessment, KPI & investment requirement identification, and investment impact forecast.

After establishing the approach, we also devised an overall marketing strategy for the portfolio of services / products, enabling consistent localization for all branding and marketing activities.

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