Transforming A Legacy Energy Provider To A Clean Energy Innovator Brand


Our client, an energy Company, is a well-known and globally respected brand supplying complex solutions for nuclear power plants. The company manages the process end to end, from initial project design to production of reactors to maintenance services.

To ensure continued growth, qualified employees are a necessity. To attract and retain those desirable employees, our Client faced a brand perception challenge. The company needed to shift from a “boring” producer of heavy hardware to a modern technology-based company that’s relevant for now and the future.


Ogilvy Consulting designed and facilitated a workshop on renewed Brand Purpose, tackling both immediate negative associations with nuclear power and the more human-centered future vision of green energy. Energy Sustainability is a hot topic in global forums, and a critical jumping off point to galvanize this Company’s internal culture.

Through deep analysis of energy security (reliability & effectiveness), equity (accessibility & affordability) and environmental sustainability, we found that nuclear power technology might currently be the only technology that is a viable alternative to meet the energy demands and production standards of the future.    

On this premise, we re-defined the Client Brand’s role as a supplier of “big energy for the big projects of the future.”

We are helping this Energy Company with the employee change management journey so they understand the company is not just establishing new nuclear power plants, but rather empowered by what those plants enable (e.g. powering an innovative project of transforming sea water into drinking water).  These brand stories are how their purpose is fulfilled.

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