Creating A New Financial Services Brand Through A $94bn Spinoff


A retail finance Company had achieved $94Bn in sales, and $10Bn in net income when its parent chose to spin off the Retail Finance Unit in order to reduce its risk profile and consolidate around other businesses. The new company would be a diverse group ranging from B2B and B2C financing solutions, payment systems and a large B2C deposits business recently acquired.

Our challenge was to create a new brand with full and immediate credibility leveraging the assets of their talent, their products and their services even without the parent-brand name.


Working with the client strategy team, Ogilvy Consulting developed the positioning for the new B2B and B2C brand, which deployed minimal risk for its parent. We then developed a full-scale 
Go-To-Market Strategy for the launch following the Brand’s successful IPO and separation from the parent Company.

Our Client continues to thrive financially, and has joined the Fortuned 500 (#173) with over $13Bn in net income last year.

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