Creating Better Customer Experience (Cx) To Drive E-Commerce Sales


As the first international hotel brand opened in China (since 1984), This Hotel Company is now established as a familiar and recognizable brand in the market. New competitors have sprung up rapidly, gaining larger footprints in more cities. While revenue remains stable, the brand preference gap with competitors is narrowing which raises significant concern.

To build the brand differentially and strengthen brand preference, we undertook a deep customer research study to find out what Chinese guests care most about and how our Client could use those insights to bring out the joy in travel through their customer experience.


Ogilvy Consulting led the development of a new Brand Engagement Strategy which reappraised Chinese contemporary travelers.  Insights demonstrated that these travelers care about relationships, value reliability and treasure experience and memories.

We developed a new content strategy based around a new brand territory: ‘invite joy.’  Through a rigorous Customer Engagement Plan, we developed a new marketing  and measurement plan based on the new brand positioning.

Today, after multiple communications programs built on the new  brand strategy, Our Client outranks all category hotels in brand relevance and brand love, while also leading in brand awareness. And for 3 consecutive years, the Company has been upheld as the #1 preferred hotel brand.

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