Driving Growth By Re-Imagining the restaurant experience at a world landmark


The Eiffel Tower is Paris’ most iconic landmark. Since its construction in 1889, it has attracted more than 300 million visitors. For 12 years, our Client managed the monument’s multiple dining venues, from take-away counters, to champagne and macaroon bars, to the Michelin-starred Jules Verne restaurant.

The catering offer lacked consistency and the value proposition of each restaurant was not clear, and did not meet the visitors’ expectations. This Company analyzed that a significant number of visitors (15%) chose not to eat at the Eiffel Tower. Because the Eiffel Tower’s total capacity is limited, growing the average revenue per visitor is a key component of the business model. This was the challenge to Ogilvy Consulting.


The organization partnered with Ogilvy Consulting to completely rethink the catering experience of the Eiffel Tower and improve its profitability.

The Eiffel Tower is the first place tourists visit when they land in Paris: it is the true front door of Paris. We believed the solution could be built by revealing the true nature of the Tower — it the most prominent physical platform of the City.

We leveraged the landmark’s broad range of catering offers and assets to magnify the diversity of tourist offers in Paris. We designed a seamless experience to help visitors discover Paris through each Eiffel Tower restaurant — all managed by the most Parisian chefs: Thierry Marx and Frédéric Anton. From the food and raw materials sourced from the most sustainable producers of the region, to napkins helping to decipher the Parisian skyline, we have developed a holistic customer experience that operates as an Ode to the beauty of Paris.

This brand innovation strategy is intended to drive more traffic and increased revenue by converting more visitors to make their restaurant choices within the Eiffel Tower.