DESIGNING A world-class direct acquisition engine from zero base


The #4 US Mobile operator – long dogged by network and perception issues – was set to make several game changing category moves (no contracts, better network, no early termination fees).

Our challenge was to design a world class direct acquisition engine from a standing start (2 FTEs) to capitalize on the brand’s disruptive moves – delivering 1MM+ new subscribers per year at the lowest direct acquisition cost.


Ogilvy Consulting assembled and integrated a world-class team of experts across strategy, digital, organization design, data and analytics, to create a DTC “Blueprint” that would drive immediate performance while building long-term infrastructure & capability. We developed and implemented recommendations across 8 dimensions:

  1. Segmentation & Targeting
  2. Proprietary Prospect Database
  3. Expanded/Integrated Channel Mix
  4. Ongoing Direct Innovation Pipeline
  5. Individually Relevant Comms
  6. Advanced Data Analytics
  7. Test & Learn Cycle
  8. Org Design & Capability Building

Since completing the work with Ogilvy Consulting, the provider has grown its market share by 30% and has the most acquisition momentum among US mobile carriers.