Driving digital transformation through strategy and organizational enablement for a prominent Italian bank


A regional Italian Bank began repositioning its brand as a national bank in 2014. A digital strategy and organization enablement project was identified as crucial to support this transformation.

The challenge was to develop a new digital platform, digital communication strategy and governance model in line with regulations. This would prove critical to drive customer acquisition and maintain customer retention.


Ogilvy Consulting conducted a channel audit and customer segmentation, and built customer journeys and personas, which informed a new brand strategy.

We developed a digital presence for key new product propositions, targeting Young Families and SMEs.

Ogilvy Consulting carried out an IT assessment, defined a development roadmap, and established a cross-functional governance model.

We then rolled out a robust Content program and social presence that provided Customer Care.

Our Client soon became the # 1 bank in Italy for engagement, with an increase in brand awareness from 25% to 56% add a 10% customer acquisition lift.

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