Innovating New Digital & Physical Brand Experience To Grow A Niche Brand


This snack Brand has a mission to drive children’s development through sport. Embattled on all sides, it was losing brand relevancy, was not seen by tech savvy parents as innovative and was struggling to find growth.

Today, kids would rather spend time on their screens than on the sports field. How could this Brand engage tech savvy parents and their kids in a new way which would use technology as an ally rather than as an enemy to create a valuable service for parents?


At Ogilvy Consulting, we brought to market a first-of-its-kind digital innovation. Our Client’s “Champions Band” is the first wearable specifically designed to help parents monitor and motivate their kids’ activity levels. Within 4 months, the first pilot launched in market to gain early learning, and within 16 months we had our first full commercial launch in Australia, selling out 55,000 special packs at AUD40 per pack. Currently, parents spend on average of 3 hours a month using the Brand’s app, and children with the device are 20% more active.

The Champion Squad program is now rolling out worldwide.

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