Transforming Digital Customer Experience For Global Airline


This Airline — once one of the most prestigious brands to fly — was in an identity crisis. As they tried to compete with aggregators, their customers found the Company’s experience disjointed and inconsistent. Confusing user flows, combined with uninspiring imagery and messaging, left visitors with an unpleasant overall impression of the site. The degraded customer experience, coupled with a desire to significantly increase the volume of revenue generated online, brought this Airline together with our Digital Transformation team.


Our data-driven design approach uncovered opportunities to drive commercial gains within our Client’s site. We analyzed quantitative data from analytics, online surveys, commercial reports and other channels, like phone and in-person service, to understand customers’ pain points and purchasing behaviors, while simultaneously completing a competitor benchmarking study. We brought our learnings to life through design prototypes that alleviated tactical pain points to drive an increase in revenue, and developed benchmarking tests and models to measure our improvements. We continually tested our hypotheses and iterative solutions with real customers, ensuring our measurement approach was driving the outcomes we anticipated.

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