Transforming Digital Customer Experience In Global Healthcare


As a global market leader in healthcare solutions with dozens of business units, much of this Company’s web presence was spread across diverse platforms with inconsistent experiences that were difficult to update and maintain. To create a unified brand experience for all properties under the firm’s umbrella, a centralized governance model and modular design system to support the global enterprise marketing infrastructure was needed. The different business units could then drive towards diverse site objectives, while maintaining clear and consistent messaging and easily navigable site architecture.


We are engaged in a multi-year strategy to unify the Healthcare Solutions Company’s brand online. First, we developed modular templates that could be leveraged to efficiently redesign 23 websites for select Client business units. Our content strategists helped develop a more user-centered voice for each brand. We simplified pages to be more efficient and usable, creating clear and consistent calls to action to drive site objectives. We created a centralized thought leadership library and implemented a unified content management system and digital design standards. We are building a Digital Style Guide (DSG) — a library of design and content best practices built to help marketers, designers, copywriters, and developers maintain consistency in the design, content writing, and development processes. 

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