Transforming From A Device To An Enterprise Technology Expert Brand


A brand had been developed as a mobile security platform for the enterprise to drive preference for the Parent Company’s B2B brand.

While security and hacking are increasingly prevalent and a top concern for IT Decision Makers (ITDMs), the end user in a BYOD world did not see it as a major problem. The challenge was to build awareness around the security vulnerabilities that occur from not being secure without issuing the fear or guilt for ITDMs and end users.


Ogilvy Consulting brought deep insights to this paradox to make it powerful and relevant. We challenged the notion that a mobile platform can be open yet secure. We created a global brand platform, appealing to both ITDMs and end users that made security approachable – by exposing vulnerability through human truths, such as security at a coffee shop, or little kids as hackers.

This new brand platform launched globally in a fully integrated creative marketing program.

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