Taking A Chinese Technology Brand Global


Though a mega brand in China, our Client suffered from lack of awareness, trust, and positive perception outside China but had ambitions to be a global brand. It succeeded on the strength of its product and distribution, but not on its brand. The challenge was to build China’s first truly global brand.

Ogilvy Consulting partnered with this Company to not only build a global brand architecture, but also to build the systems and marketing capabilities within the Organization to successfully support that brand.


Ogilvy Consulting built out a multilayer plan to create a globally resonant master brand, create product-level brands, and build global brand governance systems.

Today, our Client is one of the world’s most valuable brands, and the first Chinese brand to be named a Top 100 Global Brand. Ogilvy and this Organization’s partnership now forms the foundation of a large global agency network to deliver on-going brand communications.

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