Growing the China Market for a Global Airline


Our airline client had been successful in Europe but had not seen equal success in the China market. Its market share was growing, but slowly. Competitors are gaining share in key markets with clear value proposition and increased capacity (routes and seats). The airline as a European brand has not built strong relevance in the mind of the Chinese consumer. It also faces the difficult channel dynamic where OTA are dominating and capturing most of the value. With limited budget and resources, our Client needed a clear and refreshed market growth strategy for China.



Ogilvy Consulting adopted a 
business-driven approach, starting from calculating the addressable market size and estimating future growth trends. We analyzed the market dynamic through the lens of category, customer, competitor, channel, while also considering the company capability and Brand DNA. Through the analysis, we were able to articulate where the Airline should play, and how to win, with a specific revenue target in mind.

With the business ambition and source of growth articulated, we developed integrated marketing communication plans with focus on prioritized regions, routes, and target audiences.