Developing China’s Largest Energy Company As A Brand


China’s largest green energy business was seeking to expand operations globally in line with the government’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative. The Brand had everything to be a global giant except a cohesive brand that investors, customers and governments around the world could identify and trust.

Ogilvy Consulting’s challenge was to identify a unique market niche for the Client to occupy. Our aim was to make the brand flexible enough to serve a diverse portfolio of operating companies, smart enough to tell detailed industry stories, and approachable enough to be understood by a non-energy industry audience.


Working with its CEO, CMO, and core leadership team, Ogilvy Consulting identified a viable market position, and created a unique brand and offering for the energy company to take overseas for a series of IPOs and government roadshows.

The Company has run successful business unit level IPOs using its new brand, and a global communications program is in development with the broader Ogilvy team.

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