Creating A New Brand Vision & Positioning For A Private Equity Firm


France is a fertile market for Private Equity firms, as commoditization rises. Our Client is already a successful Private Equity firm, which is diversifying and launching new offices throughout Europe. The firm, however, needed guidance to formalize its brand proposition and unique proof points in an industry characterized by intense competition.


After internal and external stakeholder interviews and an assessment of the market, Ogilvy Consulting advised the founders of the Company to design a brand strategy for the business that would sustain growth without losing the core identity.

We worked with the Client’s managers and founders to devise a viable brand vision and internal culture to recruit, sustain, and grow over time after a rapid introduction to the market.

Ogilvy Consulting led multiple workshops with the CEO and top Management to synthesize their ambitions and to unify the vision for the company. Finally, we helped our Client imagine what the future brand of the company could be.

We are currently collaborating to revitalize both its graphic identity and name based on the the outcome of the initial phase of the project.

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