Creating a New Brand for IPO After Divestiture


An Agriculture Company’s CEO executed a divestiture strategy to strengthen the overall business by spinning off the $7Bn Performance Chemicals business. This created a strategic challenge to replace a 200-year-old brand which represented global trust and quality.

For the new company to succeed, it had to be a brand which would represent new ways of doing business and help to create a nimbler, more innovative, higher growth and customer-centric company.


Ogilvy Consulting was challenged to invent this new brand: imagining every aspect of the brand from scratch — including brand purpose, positioning, values, name, visual identity, brand architecture, and communications.

Step one was defining a brand that was differentiated from competitors, and creating an overall purpose and positioning for the new company. The business definition became ‘Higher Value Chemistry’ and the core positioning was ‘Catalyst for Better.’ This provided the critical foundation for development of a new name and a brand identity.

Our Client successfully IPO’d within the year and is on a rising growth and profitability track.

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