Enabling The Brand And Business Ambition Of A French Industrial Leader


The Client is a French family owned starch company. It transforms starch found in natural plant matter into high value-added products for demanding markets such as nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. After almost 100 years of steady expansion with major scientific developments including the creation of a sugar alternative, injectable glucose for hospitals, and a vegetable protein, this Brand is a global leader.

Nevertheless in 2014, the Company began to lose market share to competitors in emerging markets. Its board decided to renew its management and adopt a new strategy.

Having almost never changed its founding brand principles, The Industrial Leader asked Ogilvy Consulting to support them on the creation of a modern vision, as well as to help build the best brand to drive growth.


Ogilvy Consulting helped the Client manage its brand in a time of transformation and acceleration. We identified an opportunity to move the Company away from its focus on starch to a platform of promoting active ingredients.

To develop the Brand’s relationship with its clients, we re-positioned the Brand on enabling progress in society through game-changing innovation, and outlined a new communication strategy predicated on trust in the inspirational power of nature (biomimetic strategy). We recommended a new strategy of client targeting and interaction to address higher client and prospect questions.

As this Industrial Organization’s preferred partner for all branding topics, we continue to develop brand architecture, brand governance, naming  new products, portfolio strategy,  and corporate foundation branding.

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