Creating Better Customer Experience (Cx) To Drive E-Commerce Sales


Higher standards of living in Tier 1 Chinese cities have resulted in consumers seeking more convenience, ease of living, comfort and improved hygiene in their everyday lives. Improved levels of disposable income has allowed for better home upkeep through convenient household appliances and innovative technologies that make busy lives easier.

Our Client was a new entrant to the fast growing China home care market. Unknown, and with low understanding of its cleaning technology and potential value to Chinese consumers, this Company had a brand and business challenge to solve through customer experience.


Ogilvy Consulting undertook an in depth study into the usage and attitudes for household cleaning. From these insights, we identified the key segments to target for growth of the Client brand.

Based on distinct personas our Go-to-Market strategy was able to precisely target these segments in the right channel mix with the right message to drive sales through the e-commerce channels.

This Convenience Company is now a well-established brand in China with robust sales.

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