Building A Unified B2B Brand Franchise For A B2B Global Financial Business


When a primarily B2C Financial Services giant reorganized to fully integrate its suite of commercial businesses, there was a need to build a unified, customer-first B2B business and brand.

A  powerful, unified, B2B business required the articulation of  the brand purpose and the needs a new B2B brand would serve, beyond just travel and entertainment.  This would support a new way to
go-to-market based on customers’ needs, not simply a business size segmentation.


Ogilvy Consulting conducted a broad, rigorous global brand study: a deep competitive analysis, which defined what it means to be a new kind of B2B player, a naming and architecture audit, and the first quantitative study of all B2B customers and prospects – from small business, middle market to large companies – worldwide.

Leveraging these rich customer insights we created a new Leading B2B  Brand Positioning and Platform for the combined organization. Ogilvy Consulting also developed an employee engagement plan, product portfolio analysis and directed all creative execution. The new B2B positioning has led to increased value for Client stock, a primary objective.

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