Ritesh Patel

Chief Digital Officer,
Ogilvy Consulting

As Chief Digital Officer, Ogilvy Consulting, Ritesh is responsible for helping drive Ogilvy’s digital vision as well as providing digital guidance for our Clients. He partners with organizations of all sizes to reimagine and optimize digital capabilities. Ritesh has created innovations for clients from EHR Strategy, to the use of A/R, V/R Chat Bots, AI and voice activated systems for marketers. He also led the creation of the Ogilvy Innovation Lab, which is responsible for showcasing future technologies. Since the early days of the Dotcom bubble, Ritesh has been evangelizing digital. He joined Agency.com and consulted with Fortune 500 companies to evangelize the merits of the World Wide Web. Ritesh also worked for Havas, Cushman & Wakefield and entered the healthcare arena in 2009, joining Inventiv Health as Head of Digital & Innovation. Ritesh was a pioneer in the use of the emerging social media platforms, winning the “Best Use of Social Media in 2010” Clio award in 2010 for the Novartis Tobi Facebook page. Ritesh has also been involved in several startups in his career. Most recently, he was the cofounder of Avivocom. As CTO he created a technology that combines video, VoIP and text chat to allow clients to converse with online prospects through banner ads. It is now widely used by IBM, Verizon, Intel, Adobe and others.