Chris Graves

Ogilvy Center For Behavioral Science

As founder of the Ogilvy Center for Behavioral Science at Ogilvy Consulting, Chris works to boost the effectiveness of every client engagement through applying a deep understanding of the “Real Why” of human behavior. His work also decodes the “Hidden Who” of individuals at scale using proprietary new lenses of personality trait science, worldviews, and thinking styles. Previously, Chris served as Global CEO and Chair of Ogilvy Public Relations, and served two terms as the public relations industry chair. In his first career, he worked as a top news media executive at the Wall Street Journal and CNBC for more than 20 years. Chris has been honored with a Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Residency as well as earned four annual Atticus Award honors (the highest thought leadership award among the more than 360 companies that make up WPP). He was named a “Top 25 Innovator” in the U.S. and named to the Hall of Fame by both Campaign Asia and ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Organization). He was elected life member of the Council on Foreign Relations in 2010.